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Roadside assistance - fast, reliable, secure! Contact us
  Phone for roadside assistance: +359 894 / 374 385
License number 0129 issued in 2006
  Roadside assistance round-the-clock - additional services

Nirad Ltd offers in addition:
  • Driving your vehicle for annual technical examination - 30.00 BGN + the price of the examination (the vehicle must be in good technical condition)
  • Driving your vehicle to a service-station (can be either customer's choice or ours) - 30.00 BGN + the price of the repair.
  • Transportation of people from broken vehicles (excluding the vehicle driver) - 5.00 BGN/person.
  • Repair on the road (without repatriation of the broken vehicle) - 25.00 BGN for every started hour.
  • Pull the vehicle on the reoad (without repatriation of the broken vehicle) - 30.00 BGN/h.
  • Supply with current - 25.00 BGN.
  • Consultation with specialist on the road (without repatriation) - 30.00 BGN.
  • Supply with fuel - 25.00 BGN tax + the price of the fuel.
  • Provision and delivery of new and used parts for all types, brands and models of vehicles.
  • Parking lot - 15.00 BGN / 24 h
Prices for on-site visitation: in Sofia - 15.00 EUR; for the other part of the country - 1.00 EUR/km.